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Clarins Energizing Water now as gentle as a Moisturizing Milk


Clarins Energizing Water now as gentle as a Moisturizing Milk
Clarins Energizing Water now as gentle as a Moisturizing Milk

When the famous Eau Dynamisante becomes as soft as a Moisturizing Milk

The history of the Clarins brand began in 1954 in Paris. In his beauty institute, Jacques Courtin Clarins developed a massage oil with essential oils intended to increase the effectiveness of firming massages. It was the start of a meteoric rise. Since that day, Clarins has considerably expanded its product catalog without ever forgetting its expertise in aromatherapy. Today, one of its most famous references is called Eau Dynamisante. A hybrid product between perfume and skincare, it has been delighting women for many years now. On the strength of its notoriety, Clarins has therefore decided to reinterpret it in the form of a Moisturizing Milk.

Focus on Energizing Water

The Eau Dynamisante de Clarins is a Treatment Water. In other words, it combines the scenting power of a fragrance and the treating power of a plant-based treatment. It is based on a broad knowledge in aromatherapy and herbal medicine. The Eau Dynamisante de Clarins is highly appreciated for its freshness and vitality. It brings together citrus, chypre and woody flavors. Its breath today world famous provides a pleasant sensation of liveliness. Its scented accords embellish the mood and deliver sufficient energy to face everyday life. At the same time, its concentration of ginseng gives it stimulating virtues. Aloe will see, in turn, makes this product a concentrate of hydration. Finally, Eau Dynamisante is a non-sensitizing product. He is therefore not afraid of exposure to the sun,

The benefits of Moisturizing Lotion Eau Dynamisante

It is therefore precisely all these benefits that we find at the heart of the Moisturizing Lait Eau Dynamisante. However, its texture has changed somewhat. It is no longer a question of water but rather of a milk for the body. The Moisturizing Lait Eau Dynamisante has retained the freshness of its elder. Its non-greasy and non-sticky texture is very pleasant on a daily basis. It envelops the body from early morning until evening, providing softness and comfort, while releasing subtle scent notes. The Moisturizing Lait Eau Dynamisante has more than one trick up its sleeve. It softens, hydrates, tones and perfumes in a single pass. It can perfectly be used morning and evening on the skin and is suitable for all types of skin. It is a real emergency solution to relieve the skin at the slightest sign of dehydration. It is applied to the body, with light smoothing movements. The Moisturizing Lait Eau Dynamisante is a true concentrate of softness and tenderness that will only soothe you on a daily basis while taking care of your skin. With it, you will forget the sensations of tightness and the skin discomfort will only be a distant memory.

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