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A boozy and intoxicating sensual cherry.


Tom Ford isn’t a traditional perfume company with a lengthy and complicated history. The designer does not address philosophical issues in his work, nor does he draw the consumer’s attention to “precious natural oils.” Instead, he picked two parallel routes to proceed on. The first is the product’s quality. The second motivation is a desire to startle. It’s no secret that Ford sells sex. The names of his perfumes often relate to this issue, sparking passionate debate among the audience. There are numerous commercially successful blockbusters among the brand’s scents, and its mere existence is clear evidence that not every product needs many years and the test of time to become a cult. This is precisely what happened to Lost Cherry perfume.

Tom Ford‘s outrageousness is generally buried in the titles and does not extend beyond them. And “Innocence Lost” is a broad enough title to immediately pique people’s curiosity. The scent of the cherry has previously been described as one of the most remarkable perfumery manifestations. There is a reason for this. Cherries are conveyed in virtually all their forms: fresh fruit (fragrant, sweet, and tart), jam (sugary, glossy, even syrupy), and we can even smell the almond aspects of cherry pits and berry liquor owing to their spicy and woody shades.

That’s all there is to say about the scent. There are no secret meanings, surprising chords, or story twists. Of course, there will be wooded and flowery borders since they are required by law, but they don’t do anything other than creating balance and contrast.

Lost Cherry Perfume by Tom Ford

This is a pronounced smell that is also high-quality and lovely. It may seem one-sided and even monotonous to those who want to consider the composition. Still, Lost Cherry is a must-have for anybody who enjoys gorgeous fruity arrangements (particularly with a cherry theme).

Have you ever had a passionate yet fleeting love affair? We’re talking about the kind of romance that comes into your life quickly, enraptures you, and has the potential to be something spectacular, and then…gone. Perhaps it was a foreign affair or a passionate night with a stranger. But, in any case, it’s gone. The scented version of this is Lost Cherry. Sexy, seductive, mind-blowing, and…gone in about 2 hours.

Despite its poor performance, I like this smell. It starts with a deep, rich sour cherry, followed by a gentle booziness that makes me swoon. It doesn’t smell synthetic, medical, or like a $3 bottle of Jergens (not that there’s anything wrong with Jergens, but at $300+, you’d expect something more elevated). My nose can detect the rose as well. I don’t get a candy sense; it’s more refined than that. If you like almond or cherry undertones, this is a must-try.

It depends on whether or not I endorse it. If the price isn’t an issue for you, and you don’t mind over spraying or carrying a portable spray with you everywhere, I suggest going for it. If you like this aroma, I’d recommend splurging since I’ve tried countless dupes, and nothing compares. It may also be justified if you’re searching for a gorgeous special occasion perfume or want to smell pleasant for a dinner date. You’ll be disappointed if you want something to spritz before leaving the house and to last for 8+ hours. This isn’t for you if you desire Beast Mode.

To make it stay longer, I found that if my skin is exfoliated and adequately hydrated, I can prolong its lifespan and get approximately 4 hours of use before touching up. I’ll use an unscented body lotion and then put on L’Occitane Almond Smoothing Milk Concentrate. I’ll apply Vaseline’s shimmer stick to the areas where I want to spray the perfume. Then spray into the heavens. This isn’t a scent where 1-2 sprays will suffice.

I hope Tom Ford reformulates this scent and increases its duration at some point. It’s a letdown and a pity to have such poor performance from a perfume that costs as much as a vehicle payment. However, if you’re prepared to work with Lost Cherry and its flaws, it might be a worthwhile addition to your collection. 

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