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    Armani unveils a pearly version of its Si fragrance


    Armani unveils a pearly version of its Si fragrance
    Armani unveils a pearly version of its Si fragrance

    Si Limited Edition Nacrée d’Armani wears a sparkling dress

    The Armani woman is charismatic, sophisticated and luminous at the same time. She embodies the perfect image of elegance. With it, Italian style and chic take on their full meaning. The Armani woman is a bewitching creature who is remembered for a long time. Made of mystery and contradictions, it alone represents the female strength and courage associated with a more timid sensuality.

    Today, Armani has decided to illustrate the influence of women in a new version of its star perfume. Focus on the new Si Edition Limitée Nacrée from Armani.

    The metamorphosis of the Si d’Armani perfume

    Since its creation in 2013, the Si d’Armani perfume has never stopped reinventing itself. After all, it is often the same for the bestsellers of the big luxury brands… It first became So Intense , in 2014, accentuating its sensual and sophisticated facets. For the occasion, it was enriched with flowers and sported a more powerful texture of benzoin, patchouli and vanilla. Then, in 2015, he then took the opposite view of this trend and completely refreshed himself in the form of Si Eau de Toilette .

    It was thus sublimated with a juicy and crunchy pear accompanied by several citrus notes. Two other revisits of this cult essence finally saw the light of day in 2016. Si Rose Signature combines the two most famous roses in perfumery, the May rose and the Turkish rose. Other flowers have also been added to her recipe to increase her share of femininity. Si Le Perfume, meanwhile, has the charm of an amber juice, composed of incense, benzoin and cistus.

    The new bottle of Si Pearly Limited Edition

    However, this time, Armani decided to keep the original fragrance of his perfume. Its revisit concerns only its visual. Faithful to Armani’s style, Si Edition Limitée Nacrée has retained the silhouette of its predecessors. It rests on an elegant rectangular glass base with tapered contours. The latter is in opposition to its cap with a more fanciful shape. Likewise, the transparency of its base contrasts with the black opacity of its cabochon. These two parts are linked by two golden rings. The real novelty of this visual is rather due to the multitude of mother-of-pearl composing its tender pink fragrance. If Armani Pearly Limited Edition becomes brighter than ever and dazzles us with its elegant glittery essence.

    The unchanged fragrance of Si d’Armani

    This radiant fragrance hides a gourmet juice, intense, chic and tender at the same time. Si Edition Limitée Nacrée d’Armani sets off on a contrasting combination of blackcurrant bud and vanilla. The result is a fresh but sensual start. May rose and freesia sublimate the center of this perfume and combine it with an elegant patchouli. Finally, Si Edition Limitée Nacrée d’Armani ends with a more amber and woody base containing orcanox and musks.

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