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Apricot Oil from Dior


Apricot Oil from Dior
Apricot Oil from Dior

Apricot Oil Nourishing Nail Serum

Christian Dior founded his couture house of the same name in 1947. Very quickly, his fashion sounded like a revival and a new era, that of the post-war era. His first perfume saw the light of day in 1947 and “Miss Dior” is a tribute to the couturier’s sister, Catherine, whose nickname was. We owe Christian Dior magnificent perfumes such as “Poison, Sauvage, J’Adore” or “Dior Homme”. In 1969, the Dior brand launched a range of cosmetics. Very high quality, Dior makeup combines luxury and know-how . Here, Dior presents its nourishing Apricot Oil serum.

Dior Apricot Oil Nourishing Serum, an ultra-efficient formula

Here, the house of Dior has chosen to integrate apricot oil in a skin care oil of great finesse. Non-greasy, its formula moisturizes your nails even the cuticles. But apricot oil does not stop there since it nourishes, cares for, smoothes and strengthens your nails, all in depth. Your nails are beautiful and radiant with health. They are smooth and grow much faster. Reinforced, your nails are perfectly prepared for the application of your favorite varnish. Its unique formula actually strengthens the keratin in the nail. In addition to apricot oil, Dior nourishing serum is composed of argan oil, concentrated fatty acids, vitamins E and camellia oil. To have nails strengthened day after day, it is advisable to place every morning, a drop on each nail, thanks to the high precision doser.Apricot Dior Oil to penetrate to the heart of your nails.

The benefits of apricot oil imagined by Dior

Apricot oil is usually extracted by cold pressing from the kernel contained in the kernel of the fruit. Filtered and then stripped of its impurities, the oil has a golden yellow color. Thanks to its essential fatty acids and its vitamin E content, apricot oil is widely used in cosmetics and skin care products. Apricot oil has moisturizing, but also anti-aging properties. Its texture and smell are very pleasant, which is an asset for cosmetics. The most advantage of apricot oil is that it contains oleic acid, the structure of which resembles that of the sebum of the skin. This is why apricot oil adapts perfectly to our skin or our hands. In an instant, your skin feels rehydrated and rejuvenated.

Nourishing care par excellence, apricot oil goes here to nourish and repair your nails. Dior Apricot Oil nourishing serum treats your nails from the inside out. Result? Your nails are radiant with beauty and ready to welcome the most beautiful of nail polishes!

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