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    The Different Sauvage Dior Perfumes


    Christian Dior was able to change post-war fashion and offer women a new wardrobe, lighter, more feminine. By inventing the “New Look” style, Christian Dior captivates women as much as the press. One year after its creation, the Dior brand will successfully embark on the American adventure! Her first Miss Dior perfume is a tribute to her sister Catherine. Having become timeless, Miss Dior continues to offer variations. Among all the olfactory successes of the Dior house, we note Sauvage, a fragrance for adventurous men.

    Savage, to conquer man

    Savage, to conquer man
    Savage, to conquer man

    Notes between brutality and nobility Sauvage Dior

    The story of Sauvage as in 1966 with Eau Sauvage. It is the first male fragrance and it will make the effect of a bomb in the world of perfumery. Bold and ultra sensual, Eau sauvage appears as the fragrance of a new freedom. Represented by the charismatic Alain Delon, Eau Sauvage symbolizes masculinity in all its excesses. In 2015, François Demachy decided to offer it some changes by also changing its name and the star fragrance became Sauvage. His name expresses immediate virility.

    Both wild and classic, Sauvage reconnects with the primary instinct of men. The composition takes off on the freshness of Calabrian bergamot, contrasted by Sichuan pepper and rose berries. The heart combines ambroxan with marine and amber tones. The base will combine vetiver, lavender and patchouli.


    Sauvage Eau de Parfum

    Sauvage Eau de Parfum
    Sauvage Eau de Parfum

    The Eau de Parfum Sauvage Edition reinterprets the masculinity of Sauvage

    As a true manifesto of masculinity, Sauvage once again symbolizes instant virility. Sauvage Eau de Parfum is a nectar that encourages men to explore their deep nature. Represented by the seductive Johnny Depp, Sauvage Eau de Parfum unveils strong emotions, within a much warmer universe. Sauvage Eau de Parfum is a fragrance that will therefore be warmer and more seductive than the original, because it is inspired by the luminosity of the desert and adds spices to its composition.

    The latter begins with the freshness of bergamot contrasted by Sichuan pepper. Its heart is intense and combines lavender, ambroxan and nutmeg. Finally, the base combines vanilla and star anise, for an unforgettable trail. The Sauvage Eau de Parfum bottle has remained the same as its predecessor. Like a luxurious object, it features round and sensual lines. Its heavy glass is chic and elegant. The smoky transparency of its predecessor has been replaced here by an orange shade reminiscent of the ocher earth of the desert, faithful to the advertising clip.

    Sauvage Very Cool Spray, in the heart of nature

    Sauvage Very Cool Spray, in the heart of nature
    Sauvage Very Cool Spray, in the heart of nature

    Citrus notes added in the Sauvage Very Cool Spray fragrance

    With Sauvage Very Cool Spray, Dior wanted to create an intimate connection between man and nature. Here, the Dior man needs to recharge his batteries in the heart of the desert expanses to better find himself. Ultra contemporary, Sauvage Very Cool Spray is an ode to freedom. Like its predecessors, the perfume has its own identity, and still delivers straightforward. Here, the fragrance really seems to be one with nature and offers the image of a true man. The composition takes off on the freshness of grapefruit and bergamot, always contrasted by Sichuan pepper.

    Ultra masculine, the heart of the fragrance is made up of lavender, geranium, patchouli, pink pepper and elemi. Finally, the base combines cedar and ambroxan, leaving a trail that is both fresh and virile.


    If the genesis of Sauvage is in 1966 with Eau Sauvage , the new fragrance released in 2015 sports a unique and unprecedented masculine identity. Virility is at its peak here, but the Dior house does not forget to link man to nature, with a beautiful harmony. With Johnny Depp as the muse, Eau Sauvage and its variations delivers the message of a true man, sure of himself, of his choices, and who finds himself at the heart of the essential.

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